Michigan, USA

‘Don’t mess with beer’, ‘You can’t mix anything with beer’, ‘Beer should just taste of beer’.

They said it 100 years ago and some are still saying it today. There are those that listen, that follow, that accept everything just the way it is and there are people who make their own rules. Buddy made his own rules. He dared to be different, he never accepted the boundaries and as a result, he not only created the best bourbon flavored beer you can find on either side of the pond, he also made his own name immortal. What would he say if he could enjoy a smooth drop of Buddy’s Bourbon Flavored Beer today? He’d probably say nothing. He’d just laugh, write a few more stories to add to his own legend and then go find another rule to break. If you asked him to describe the flavor, he’d call it ‘damned fine’, smile and order one for everyone at the bar. We don’t think it needs any other description.