Michigan, USA

The Legend of Buddy's Bourbon Beer

J. W. Buddy, or 'Buddy' to his pals, was a legend in his own lifetime. Possibly the most popular man in Michigan in the early 20th Century, some craved his advice, others longed for his banter, the State were very keen to talk to him about his bank accounts but all want to meet him for a good laugh, a great night and to share a bottle of his unique Bourbon flavoured beer. What started as rumors quickly became folklore and so his legend has grown. Are all the stories true? We don’t care. The beer is true, we're proud of what he stood for and we're going to keep that spirit-a-growin'

Rumor has it that when JW was playing his Sax in Washington Jazz Club, one evening, the sound he was making was so great, some of the crowd (who “worked in politics!”) were so moved, that they thought enough is enough and put forward the amendment to the constitution the very next day!


Rumor has it that JW was hiking with his pal Frank in the Upper Peninsula, when they thought they saw a bear coming towards them through the bush.  It was “too big to be a bear” and “moved kinda funny”.  Not wanting to cause a ruckus, they high-tailed it back down the trail, but when he turned round to check the “bear” wasn’t following them, JW couldn’t believe what he was seeing“it was about 8 feet tall and had really long arms”.  He said to Frank “that ain’t no grizzly – look at his big feet!”

Rumor has it that JW was in a bar shooting the breeze over a bottle of Buddy’s Bourbon Beer with a “Science dude”.  They were talking about Science Fiction, when JW was heard to have said “man, wouldn’t it be cool if they made a movie where people could send messages through those computer things” “I mean, they got flying saucers now, so why use telephones?”.  The “Science Dude” was heard to say “Hmmm, that’s an interesting idea!..” The mystery culprit is still at large!

Rumor has it that JW was visiting a relative at St. Mary’s Hospital in London, when he bumped into a Gentleman in a white lab coat who was carrying a “mouldy dish”.  JW’s pencil fell out of his blazer pocket into the dish.  Brushing the mould off, he commented to the man in the Lab coat “sorry doc” and then asked “...hey will my pencil make me ill”?  Liking JW’s choice of words, the man in the lab coat replied “no sir, quite the opposite!”